How to Lasso-select multiple files in Nautilus using the mouse in List-View?

Is there some way that Nautilus can be made to select multiple files as a Rectangle-select action of the mouse (Lassoo style) in the list view? Compact and Icons view work ok.

Asked By: Peter.O


I don’t think this is possible because of the nature of this view.

However: to select multiple files I suggest you learn the Shift keyboard shortcut for selecting files “in a row” and Ctrl for selecting individual files “all over the place” as it were. You’ll quickly pick these up.

Answered By: 8128

See this upstream bug report.

Answered By: htorque

This is a highly commented bug (see bug report link from htorque above) for which it appears a Nautilus developer is active in.

However it seems it is not a bug that is likely to be resolved anytime soon, this is a dissapointing shock that the Gnome file manager is crippled in what seems a basic function!

There appears to be a preliminary Patch fix

but I have no idea how to use it!

It is a shame that such a condesending response has been given (above by fluteflute) when clearly there is a genuine issue with Nautilus, I guess using Thunar is another possible alternitive as lassoo selection in List View in Thunar (and probably other File managers too)

Answered By: Charles Kane

The fact that this issue still exists, makes me hate people that much more. Utterly disappointing and embarrassing for the devs.

Answered By: Alan O.
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