How to sort or manually arrange Evolution Mail Account Names in Preferences?

Is there some way I can re-arrange the order of Mail Account Names in Evolution’s Properties dialog?

I find it strange that this list shows entries in the order in which I add them, and there is no facility to change this order.

The column is not sortable, and there are no Move-Up/Down buttons.

Update: I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 (2.6.32-25-generic)… Evolution 2.28.3

Asked By: Peter.O


I agree with aneeshep, under Ubuntu 10.10 they are sorted alphabetically. If the order is not to your liking, prefix the account names with numbers is all I can suggest.

As far as I am aware there isn’t a way to manually change the order, but I am quite happy to be corrected.

Maybe it is something that should be filed as a feature request to the evolution team.

Answered By: Adam

There is a bug filed in launchpad regarding this issue :

Answered By: aneeshep

I’m currently prefixing my accounts with numbers to achieve the order I want them displayed. Hopefully the evolution team is working on adding the convenience of drag n drop hierarchy.

Answered By: user11412

This issue has been addressed and now you CAN re-order folders. To do so, go into Edit/Preferences/Mail Accounts. In that view you can drag folders to the order you desire, as well as select a default account.

I am using Evolution 3.10.4 in Ubuntu 14.04.

Answered By: BobDoolittle
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