Tool for viewing available DBUS messages I can send to an application

Is there a graphical tool or maybe a command-line one that lists all the messages and parameters/arguments that I can send to a DBUS-enabled program?? I really want to try scripting some DBUS things but I can hardly find any documentation for the DBUS capabilities of most applications.

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Have you tried d-feet:

sudo apt-get install d-feet


Answered By: alsemyonov

Another useful D-Bus debugging and profiling tool is Bustle.

Answered By: mgunes

I’ve been using dbus-monitor, which is really useful. It provides a --profile mode, which provides a quick summary of all the signals bouncing around.

Answered By: Erigami

For Kubuntu users, KDE ships with qdbusviewer-qt4, which can list all available commands to all dbus clients.


Answered By: Sparhawk

DBUS Message/Signal Viewer Tools

Answered By: Old account
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