How can I find the total size of the contents of my Trash folder?

Is there any way I can find out exactly how much is in my Trash folder? I can see the size column, but if I have a folder in the trash, it shows the number of items in the folder rather than the total size of the items in the folder.

Asked By: EmmyS


Select all the elements in Trash folder (Ctrl + a), right click and see Properties.

Answered By: skalka

You can right click on folders in the trash (and those not in the trash) and select Properties to see the total size.

If you want to see the total size of your trash, press Ctrl+a to select everything, and then right click and select Properties.

Item properties

Answered By: 8128

From a terminal:

du -hs ~/.local/share/Trash
Answered By: Wesley Rice
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